Longing for a great massage

From the moment you make contact with Joanne from Nice 2b Kneaded, you will feel welcomed and relaxed. Joanne’s professional approach creates a safe but harmonious environment where her clients feel truly valued, whilst supporting their health needs. Appointments are available in Griffith and Jerilderie.

What We Offer

A complete range of holistic modalities to support your well-being.


This is an effective treatment that aids the whole body. It prevents and supports many physical and physiological symptoms. Improves flexibility, relieves tight & tense muscles, stimulates the lymphatic system and reduces stress.


This improves the overall appearance of the skin, reduces lines and wrinkles, boosts circulation and releases toxins by massaging key muscles in the face. Gives a natural facelift and aids in healthy and youthful glow.

Head & Toe

There are many benefits of a scalp massage like Indian head. It is deeply calming and relaxing, relieves tension headaches, sinusitis and insomnia. Reflexology works with the central nervous system, releases stress and increasing relaxation which in turn brings internal organs to optimal function.


Kinesology is a painless non-invasive method of healing energy that works supportively with the body through muscle testing and identify areas of stress and dysfunction in the body’s energy field.


Combining different modalities together to enhance well-being and relax the individual based on the their needs e.g. kneaded escape – massaging head to toe including facial & back scrub for 2 hrs.


A six week holistic program combining massage, meditation and mindfulness . Addressing the whole person’s body, mind and spirit.

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We Can Help With

Here are some common health and wellness issues that Nice 2b Kneaded treatment can help you with.


Stress/Chronic stress over a long period of time can cause serious effects and disease to the individual. Relaxation techniques and holistic therapies have proven to be effectively reduce muscle tension and decrease related disorders, bringing about a sense of calmness and peacefulness.

Pain | Tension

Chronic pain – stress relieving techniques including massage, meditation and breath work. Allows the body to improve daily functioning and increase a sense of well-being whilst enabling the the body to heal itself.


Get a goodnight sleep without the use of pills or aids by releasing tightness and tension in the body and de-cluttering the mind where the individual can achieve a better night sleep, enhancing optimal health and well-being.

Headaches | Migraine | Sinus

By easing pressure on your scalp, neck, shoulders and face whilst applying relaxation techniques and essential oils can dramatically reduce the frequency of painful headaches and sinusitis.

Energy | Fatigue

Using the combined benefits of massage detoxing, essential oils rids the body of toxins, increases motivation and physical energy, gives greater self confidence and improved self-esteem.

Mental and Emotional Well-being

By addressing the individual body, mind and spirit with the added techniques of massage, meditation and mindfulness whilst supporting the client with life skills to better assist in the prevention and treatment of physical and physiological symptoms and disease.