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Nice 2B Kneaded

Joanne Peel

Offering a strictly professional service of remedial & holistic treatments. Wellness consultations available, including health rebates. 

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Range of Treatments

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Remedial Massage

Remedial massage to treat damaged, knotted, tense or immobile muscles.

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Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaiian style meditative massage with lymphatic drainage. Very relaxing and refreshing.

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Kahuna Massage

Prepare to be given the full treatment with the Rolls Royce of holistic massage.

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Hot Stone Massage

Smoothed and warmed volcanic rock massaged, which soothes tense muscles at a deeper level with ancient traditional healing powers.

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Aromatouch Therapy

A clinical approach to applying essential oils along energy meridians, stimulating blood flow and neurological activity.

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Indian Head Massage

Relaxing and holistic treatment that uses accupressure massage on the head, face, neck and shoulders.

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Reflexology Therapy

An alternative therapy that involves specific pressure points on the feet. Each point in the body represents an organ within the body, which can be targeted for relief.

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Detox Foot Spa

A gentle, effective and rapid way to remove toxins from the body in a soothing and relaxing way.

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Mini & Anti-Aging Facial

Using only natural products, with no toxins, chemicals or parabens. Includes massaging pressure points to help de-stress.

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Natural Wellbeing Console

Combining alternative therapies and pure essential oils to support your emotional and physical needs. Take a proactive role in your lifestyle to reduce stress.

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